Different workshops make it easier or enable us to communicate with other women of the project on an international level and also inform the interested public.

Setting up of an E-mail address, receiving or sending E-mails, investigation with the help of the Internet
English conversation

Brushing up on English and preparing for our visits to Wexford and Esbjerg
Public relations work

A journalist from the “Südwest Presse” (Ulm’s local newspaper) informed us about rudiments and strategies of public relation work

Professional guidance for the photo project: “What is the story of your journey as a woman into further education?” The results will be presented, for the first time, in May during
2nd trans-national meeting in Esbjerg
Handling of the digital camera
Taking pictures for the documentation, sending them via E-mail and for our website
Adaptation of photos on the PC
Adaptation of the photos made on the PC
Set up of the website
Set up of the website “European Women”, theory and practice
Strong Women build
Participants from the Ulm and Budapest Women’s Academies built “strong women” in clay

“The European Union gets a new face”
In Budapest, participants from Ulm and Budapest did take a close look at the advantages and disadvantages of the European Union’s Eastern expansion
> Workshop “Role Women”
Women’s education deliberately uses the term of “affidamento” which means the support of one’s learning process through role models.
During the project’s second year some participants of the project chose this topic with the aim of adding their results to the travelling exhibition “Women in Progress”.
Questions formulated:
What kind of woman is my role woman?
What aspects in her biography or her personality fascinate me?
What has this woman got to do with me?
What do I want to learn from her?
With Solveig Senft’s assistance these “role women” have been designed on shirts. The participants wrote, painted, glued and sewed these unusual artistic means, on some shirts; texts and objects were hitched. The very special thing is that one is able to put on these works of art and is thus able to slip into these “role Models”.