„European Women – Images of interaction“

This project will strengthen the intercultural exchange in the field of further education of women.
We want to learn about the different concepts and programmes and the different groups of women and their conditions of living, the common and different issues in Western, Eastern, Northern and Southern Europe.

„European Women – Images of interaction“: Images are the issue of the project. The participating institutions want to develop an (virtual) exhibition about the different ways of life and the conditions of learning for women participating in further education. This exhibition will be lent to the different European institutions and will be sent by internet/e-mail.
When using creative methods in the development of an exhibition language won’t be a barrier for women without knowledge in foreign languages. Another advantage of the project is when looking at each other women of different countries and migrant and indigenous women achieve a better understanding.

Introductory courses in new technologies (information and communication) and in English as a foreign language will be on offer . Project groups in the different institutions will be initiated. Bilateral meetings of participants and of teachers, an intercultural training for teachers of all participating institutions and meetings of all institutions with coordinators, participants and teachers are very important. The process and the success of the project will be evaluated. Methods for all participants of the project – teachers, participants, coordinators - will be developed to research the process of learning.
On the basis of the results of this project intercultural concepts and methods of further education with women could be developed.

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